Is this the end for Team Fritz?

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First a leaking gearbox, a little later a detached shock-absorber. F***!

In the middle of the desert, no mobile-phone reception, 200 km to the next town. 20 liter water left, four packs of super-noodles and two cans of tuna.

Chief Engineer Bodo is pulling together all his imagination to get the car going. Our luck: we have been convoying with Andrea and Klaus from Austria. With their support, stock of biscuits and toolbox we are working all night long. But: will the fix be enough? Will we reach Ulanbaatar which is still nearly 800 km to go? Stay tuned!

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Zwei Freunde, ein Abenteuer. Team Fritz fährt von London in die Mongolei. 20.000 Kilometer über die schlechtesten Straßen der Welt. In einem undenkbar ungeeigneten Auto. Für einen guten Zweck.